Saturday, February 28, 2009

Oh, Hai There!

It has been a very blah week for me. I think I was trying to come down with a cold, but I seem to have beaten it back. Thank God! I hate colds. Anyways, Rusty has been slamming through the levels.

Here's a recap:

Matt and I stopped grouping together almost as soon as we hit Hellfire Penn, mainly because he's a greedy little cracker, but also because our schedules never really did mesh that well. After hitting 64 and clearing HFP, I went to Zangar and started questing. Here is where our paths really diverted, Matt skipped Zangar entirely while I got the quest achievement, but he did hit Terrokar which I skipped. After finishing Zangar I was 66.5. Damn, I needed a good bit of xp to hit 67 but I really didn't want to go to Nagrand, it has always been one of my fav zones, but the kill quests have been murdering my xp/hour on the past few toons I've taken through there. So, I ran into Blade's Edge Mountains and did a hand-full of quests there until I hit 67. At 67 I moved into Netherstorm and quested there.

Now, this is where things got a little interesting. After I spent some time leveling my Deathknight, Coffinnaylz (there is a pattern developing here), I noticed that if I moved from Outlands to Northrend at 68 that several quests would not be available to me, their minimum level requirement was 69, and that, while the Over-Powered Deathknight could breeze through mobs and quests 2-3 levels higher than her (yes, a be-chick deal with it), theses quests would be too much for the warrior to handle. I decided to stay in Outlands until fully 70.

I finished Jame's amazing leveling guide just after 68, crap. I had, basicly, two full levels to go before Howling Fjord, and I was without the advise of my leveling guru. I forged ahead in Netherstorm, doing quests the best way I could until I had nothing but group quests left. At that point I had had enough of Netherstorm so I hopped a bird to Shattrath and ran down to Shadowmoon Valley. Oh. My. God. I blasted through 69 in a little over 3 hours. Not only where the mobs all 67-68, so they died at an alarming rate, but the first quests at Shadowmoon Village were all in a very compact area and extremely easy to do. I dinged 70 almost by accident, I wasn't aware that I was that close to leveling until I saw the golden swirly and heard the double 'Ding' sound (one from leveling, the other from getting the level 70 achievement).

Hell yeah!! 70!! woot! /happy dance

Since then, the leveling has been... a grind, to be honest. But, that's to be expected. Right now I'm getting about 1 level per day, which really is pretty impressive, to me at least, in Northrend. Right now, I'm 73 and 72/150 quests for Borean Tundra which is a good sign that I will hit 74 around the time that I finish off the zone and move into Dragonblight. Matt, unfortunately has to work today and spend quality time with his girlie tonight, so he won't see much leveling time at all today.

The new hotness: Deep Wounds.

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