Monday, February 16, 2009

A Wrinkle In Time

Well, Healdizzle/Matt and I did hit 50 this past weekend, 54 actually, but that's very lackluster compared to our goals. We wanted to hit 60, Matt wanted to be able to transfer the priest to his regular account, and I wanted to get Titan's Grip!!, but that didn't happen. :(

The Reasons: Saturdays are always hectic for me and I got home late, also Saturday was Valentines Day and Matt has some "quality time" scheduled for him and his main squeeze, so that cut things off a little short. Then, on Sunday, Matt had to work til after 1 and I wasn't feeling all that great because I had desided to try out a little pvp with Rusty, seeing as 49 is a perfect level to pvp at for a while, and had stayed up way too late the night before. We finally got all of our ducks in a row and started questing in Un'goro, amazing place for questing in general and it was made even better with R-a-F, when my real life best bud and his fiance called and wanted to hang out. They wouldn't take no for an answer.

I had a mental timetable for this 'loss of leveling time' set up in my head:
1 - Go have dinner at Huddle House
2 - Drink a cup of coffee and shoot the bull for a bit.
3 - Go back to their appartment and chill for 30-45 mins
4 - Dip out, go back home, and continue leveling with Matt
2 hours tops.

Yeah... It didn't go quite like I planned. As it turned out my buddy and his fiance weren't wanting to hang out with me just for my witty banter, insightfull outlook on life, or winning personality. No. What they needed me for was manual labor. The fiance had brought one of her fathers old tv's down and they wanted to set it up in my buddys bedroom. This was not just a simple 'grab the other end and let's go' operation either. No, of course not. We had to move large heavy peices of furniture, clean the room, have 3 arguements (one of which left me alone in the house while they screamed at each other in the front lawn), push, pull, lift, carry, and strain before we could even touch the tv. I was not happy. I had been used. This will not happen again.

I am currently two-fold pissed off. I got used by my best friend and in doing so he, and his girl, cost me valuable levleing time with my buddy Matt (who is a spazz at times but he is just as dedicated as I am to get these toons leveled). So when I am next asked, "Would you rather spend time with us, or play with your nerd friends in that damn game?" my answer will be a resounding and definative, "Yes."

The goal for tonight: depending on Matt's schedule we will hopefull be able to buckle down, finish off the 50-60 run in Western Plaugelands/Eastern Plaugelands and then hit Outlands.

Sidebar: I wonder how long it will take for his priest to get transfered over to his regular account? He will have to do that before we can hit Outlands because he was the recruitee and he did not buy Burning Crusade for the Priest account (I can't blame him).

Titan's Grip, here I come!

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