Thursday, February 12, 2009

A History of Violence

This is my second time leveling a warrior. The first was on Gorgonnash(us) - Alliance. Sadly, I had to abandon that character at 62, but the experience of playing a warrior never left me. Now, it is quite possible that I am a victim of nostalgia and that my memories of playing that character are vastly overexagerated, but I don't care. I had a blast playing that Dwarven warrior and I am having just as much fun now playing my Undead Warrior. There is a very real sense of ... peace that I get when I am playing my warrior. As contradictory as that may sound it's still very true. There is something calming to me when I Charge a mob, switch to Berserker Stance, and begin ripping its skin off. Perhaps that is a sign of mental imbalance... Oh, well.

There are some differences, very noticeable ones, between Rustynaylz, my current warrior incarnation, and Naylz, retired Dwarf warrior.

One: Thanks to the implementation of Heirloom items Rusty is much better geared than the Dwarf ever thought of being at these lower levels. As seen here.

Second: A friend of mine and I are using the Recruit-a-Friend service to level our toons. He's playing a priest, so as the levels are coming fast and furious he is also keeping me topped off at all times which means zero downtime. This does raise an interesting question, but i'll get into that later.

Third: Everything I know about being a warrior, which admittedly isn't all that much, I learned while leveling my dwarf, so there is very little guess-work as to how to play my class. This is all 'old hat' to me. Example: As soon as Rusty hit 20 I went duel-weild fury and never looked back. Where as when I was leveling the Dwarf I tried leveling as 2 handed arms for quite a few levels. These are the kinds of experiments and mistakes that I have avoided on Rusty, and it shows. While it's true that a R-a-F team could, literally, auto-walk and aut0-attack their way through levels at an alarming rate, we are currently gaining an average of 10 levels a day, give or take a few, depending on time allowed and knowledge of good questing circuits.

All in all, I have to say: I'm glad to be a warrior again!

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