Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I had two Milestones pass me by in these past couple of days. Naylz finally finished off the Fool For Love achievement(that's four down and three to go until this is done), which was one of the major roadblocks over the weekend between Matt and my plans for leveling. Which brings me to the other milestone: Ding 60, baby!! Yeah! Woot woot! Whew, that was a whirlwind experience. In 10 real world days we went from 1 to 60. Our /played, I didn't look or take a screen shot when I dinged sorry, is somewhere around 1 day 15-20 hours. That's unreal. Matt put it best, "How the fuck does anyone level without R-a-F?", and he's right. I saw a multitude of people leveling on their own, most had Heirloom Items, much like Rusty, but most were still leveling solo.

If you have never tried the amazing Recruit-a-Friend service, please go find a friend, one of your recruit the other, go start some lowbies, and experience this for yourself. I sound like a car commercial announcer...

But, yeah, Recruit-a-Friend is awesome. 'Ya know what else is awesome? TITANS GRIP! rawr!! Especially when there are 2 Bloodied Arcanite Reapers involved.

The handful of Guildmates that were on when I announced my choice in weapons lol'd at me. I was a bit confused, why would they laugh. Then one of them pointed out that I now had two bind-on-account axes and that I had basically wasted 65 Emblems of Heroism. I didn't respond immediately, instead I sat and thought about what he was saying for a moment. Yes, it is true that Rusty will only have full use of his Duel Reapers for 20 levels, but my guildmate was missing the point entirely. My choice to buy the second Reaper was not based off the idea of being able to use it for 80 full levels. I did it because it's fucking FUN. It's a gas to just look at those two bad boys criss-crossed over my back. I laugh every time I charge a mob and before I can finish getting a rend up and switch to berzerker stance I have 80 rage and the mob is at 30%. It is ridiculously overpowered, it's silly, and it might even be truly wasteful, but it's fucking FUN. If we aren't playing this game for fun, then what the fuck are we here for? That is why I've been staying up to 2 or 3 am every night for the past week and a half, why Matt and I have each others AIM, Yahoo, cell phone numbers, and work schedules, why I have been reading 10 and 15 levels ahead in Jame's Horde Leveling Guide so that I know, ahead of time, where we will be going very very soon, and why I've been dreading raiding nights because I'd much rather be on Rusty having fun.

The Warrior is an amazing class, the Heirloom Items are overpowered, sure, but they are loads of fun, and the Recruit-a-Friend service makes leveling from 1 a minor inconvenience as opposed to the soul crushing grind that it used to be. I'm having a blast and I can not wait to hit 80! =D

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