Saturday, March 7, 2009

... Worth a Thousand Words

Time for some pictures! I have never been much of a picture taker on any of my toons (I'm usually too busy killing stuff and moving along to the next quest to think about pics), but here recently I grabed a couple of screen shots from my adventures in Northrend. I think this is partly because Blizzard really went out of their way to make Northrend worth remembering. The events and quests here are amazing to look at, be a part of, and share with others. So, here goes.

What do you mean "Daddy!"?!

I really do love these lil guys!! I want one as a permanent pet now sooo bad!

My lil family! =)

Now, I've been to the top of Wyrmrest Temple more than once, but this time I couldn't help but notice something new!

Look at the Junk in that Trunk! DAMN!! That's one dragon that I would let mount me anyday!

Look at those curves!!

Now, THAT is a work of art! /drool

Ok, enough nerd-boy faping.

Calm before the storm. /badass

She just dropped in to say hi! (from the legendary Wrathgate event)

In the presence of giants! My two favorite NPC's in the whole game preparing to retake Undercity, by force.

A moment of quiet reflection. The quiet, solemn ending to the Wrathgate event.

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