Tuesday, March 17, 2009

With a Little Help From My Friends...

Remember what I was talking about yesterday? About just needing a group of people to trust me to tank and I would wow them with my skills? Well, that exact situation happened last night!

Just after hitting 80 and starting to play as prot spec exclusively I ran into a three man group of guys from this guild called Poptart Posse and we ran about 4 heroics in a row together, cycling in and out that 3rd dps spot. We all worked together amazingly. We all had about the same level of gear and we all got along great! They were calm and cool and I was nervous as all get out, so it worked out really well.

So, last night I was on and had just finished my dailys and was about to start looking for heroics when I got a whisper from the priest from Poptart Posse wanting to know if I was saved to 10-man Naxx? Dur, I had been prot since 80, of course not! Instant raid invite! OMG! And, I'm the main tank! /faint

That's right! I main tanked 10 man naxx last night. Now, it wasn't the greatest 3 or so hours of raiding ever seen in the history of wow, no, but it was a group effort and everyone was calm, cool, and collected. They took direction with ease and did exactly what was asked of them. In the end we cleared both Spider and Plauge Wings! We are planning to go back in tonight and do the same thing all over again, with fewer whipes this time, and hopefully see Patchwerk (and KILL him!).

All in all, it's nights like last night that help put my faith back into humanity, wow humanity, and it helped bolster my ego a bit. We all did a hell of a job last night. I'm proud of my new friends in Poptart Posse, and I hope that I can continue to make them proud.

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